lighting, video & digital media design

for live performance


Arnim Friess (MA) designs lighting, video and digital media for live performance, and visitor experiences like museums and exhibitions. Blending lighting, motion graphics and video, animation and film-making, audiences have seen his designs not only on stages around the world, but also in parks, a zoo, a factory, a monastery, an abandoned pub and deep down in a cave.

Performances cover diverse art forms from theatre, musical, opera and ballet via puppetry, Indian dance, experimental music and children’s shows.

As an experienced designer of over 200 productions, Arnim has worked on all scales for a large variety of spaces, and can advise on budgets of all sizes. Telling your story will always be in the foreground.

Please contact Arnim with the form below if you'd like to discuss your project, or request a full C.V.